Amanda Panayiotou

Counselling Skills Level 2

Usui Reiki Master

Crystal Reiki Master

Mindful & Spiritual Coach

Ho'oponopono Practitioner

Mental Health First Aider

Beauty & Holistic Therapist

My Journey
Hair and beauty is something that has always been in my life. Growing up in this industry has always excited me, from learning and practising to running a family salon.
Helping and supporting people is something that I am passionate about and is something I enjoy bringing into my work.  Working in this industry shows you how important it is not just how you can make someone feel better by a treatment they have but sometimes just to be that someone who listens. 


We are always on a continuous journey of self disocvery and learning from challenges and experiences we may face in our lives or a journey to find our true self. It was my own personal challenges from my teens that lead me to live and practice a more holistic & spiritual life.  


Holistic therapies opened my mind to learn something new which I found beneficial to my wellbeing. I can now say my passion and purpose to help and support others is far greater with each day that follows.

The holistic work I use is a combination of all my studying, practice and experiences which I continue to use with my client's today and my Mindfulness Wellbeing Programme has shown by using a combination of holistic therapies, positive benefits are experienced and life changes have be made. 

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