Meditation is a beautiful, calming & effective way of enhancing calm and balance for your overall wellbeing . With practice, meditation begins a process of training the mind to focus and redirect thoughts. The practice of meditation has been used for many years and has shown there are many benefits from it's practice, which include:

  • Relaxation

  • Improved memory

  • Better control of emotions

  • Increased positive emotions

  • Decreased pain

  • Decreased stress, anxiety & depression

  • Improved creative ability

  • Increased focus & attention

  • Increased immune function

  • Spiritual development


Each meditation session is based on your needs. 

Guided meditations are great for beginners and can be more comforting. Some meditations I use have a deeper connection to support you mindfully and spiritually. 

Bring your awareness to your breath, visulaise the beauty of a guided meditation, mindfully or spiritually connecting to your higher self being. Accepting what is and embracing what becomes. 

Sessions are available one to one, or in a group. Sessions are currently run online via a digital media platform.  

 You will need: Mat, Block, Pillow, Blanket


Sessions & Fess
1:1 session                                      Group session                                1:1 session OAP                            Group session OAP                     
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