Mindfulness & Meditation Workshop
Are you looking for support with your mental & emotional wellbeing?
This mindfulness and mediation workshop will bring you practical advice and tips while concentrating on a mindful focus.   
A half day workshop explores the concept of mindfulness, breath and meditation. Brining a posuitive practice into your everyday daily life, whether this is at home or work, this can help with reducing stress and anxiety within yourself and situations.  
With a  mindful approach, this brings awareness to the focus on being present in any given moment. Accepting thoughts, feelings and sensations with a non-judgemental outlook. Together we can achieve a positive mental state when we become present, aware, open-minded and accepting.
What to expect
Both theory and practical elements are carried out with a holistic approachto benefit the mind, body, soul, balance, understanding and brining a sense of calmness.
Corporate Event
Office-based wellbeing therapy service to staff to increase motivation and productivity. 
Ways to use this service
  • Use as an employee weekly or monthly wellbeing programme
  • As a one off inititive
  • Staff events
  • Staff personal wellbeing
  • Mental health initiatives
  • Increase in staff morale;
  • Reduced stress, tension, anxiety and fatigue
  • Listening more attentively
  • Clearer and kinder communication
  • More empathic
  • More patience
  • Clearer focus, attention span and memory retention
One to One
Sessions available as a one to one service. Designed to meet specific needs fr the individual, giving the opportunity to focus on a specific area. This service can be tailored following a free 15 minute discovery phone call. 
What is included​
Introduction to Mindfulness
Introduction to Meditation
Topic discussions; mindfulness, mindful living, ego, discipline, boundaries, benefits 
Practical topic exercise; breath, meditation
Follow up call
Sessions & Fees (2.5hr)
One to One session                   £45.00
Groups up to 5 persons       Please contact for pricing
Groups up to 10 persons     Please contact for pricing
Sessions are available in person or online via a digital media platform. 
Beauty Treatments & Holistic Therapies
The School of Mindful Healing
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