Mindfulness Wellbeing Programme
The Mindfulness Wellbeing Programme is a holistic coaching wellbeing programme combining 5 beneficial practices relating to mindfulness & spiritual development.
The aim of this programme is to use a therapuetic approach of counselling and coaching skills to support you on your journey of self-development and understanding by using a combination of mindful and spiritual practices. 
Sometimes we can feel lost and confused with where we are going in our lives and what our purpose of being truely is. You may already be familiar or have an understanding of some or of all the practices being covered and it can become very confusing or even overwhelming at times with how to actually use the knowledge as a practice in your daily life. 
This programme gives you an understanding of  'self', your soul or spirit and your authentic power.  Recognising external powers that make up your personality and how to balance them to be the essense of  who you truely are. 
Over a 6 week period, you will study the following subjects:
  • Wk1 Mindfulness
  • Wk2 Breath & Meditation
  • Wk3 Chakras
  • Wk4 Visualising, Affirmations, Intentions
  • Wk5 Spiritual Awarness
  • Wk6 Bringing your practice together
The programme runs over a period of 6 weeks enabling a weekly practice of the subject covered. Each session approximately runs for 2 hours which covers discussion, course content & practical. 
You will recieve the first manual subject prior to your session and this follows on each week for all other subjects covered. 
The understanding of these subjects brings positive change and clarity to support you in your journey.


Sessions & Fees
​1:1 Session face to face                                         £240.00 
1:1 session (via online digital media platform)      £180.00 
15min Free discovery call                                        Free
 (50%  non refundable deposit is required on booking, then choose pay-as-you-go or pay in full). 
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