Mindfulness Wellbeing Programme 
IPHM Accredited 6wk Course

This programme brings you basic knowledge & understanding of 5 beneficial subjects to support your personal growth & development, or for you can choose to use in your practise of work. At the end of the programme you will bring together a daily practice.

Subjects covered (1 day a week)

  • Wk1 - Mindfulness

  • Wk2 - Breathe work & Meditation

  • Wk3 - Chakras

  • Wk4 - Spiritual Awareness

  • Wk5 - Intentions & Affirmations

  • Wk6 - Bringing your practice together



On completion you will receive an accredited Basic Knowledge & Understanding of the Mindfulness Wellbeing  Programme.

Your certificate will be recognised and can be insured through IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine). 

A short assessment will take place at the end of each session to ensure you have a basic knowledge & understanding of each subject. Each week focuses on a different subject, giving you the time to put it into practice until the next session. 

The 6 sessions are covered over a period of 6 weeks (2hrs 1 day a week). ​

No experience necessary.

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Sessions & Fees
1:1 Session
£240.00 (50% deposit on booking, then choose pay-as-you-go or full payment)
1:1 Session Zoom
£180.00 (50% deposit on booking, then choose pay-as-you-go or full payment)
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